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Civil War Confederate Military Music - Cd

Prezzo: €24,00 (incluso 20 % I.V.A.)

Cd musicalein lingua inglese

Indice: Dixie/Bonnie Blue Flag; God save the South; Newpor/Hells on the Wabash; The Southern Soldier; Villaime Polka March; Southern Marseillaise; Carry me Back; Stonewall Jackson's way; Bonnie Blue Flag; Lorena Quickstep; Goober Peas; Dixie Drum Cadence; On Vicksburg Limits; General Hampton Quickstep March; Maryland my Maryland; General Bragg's Grand March; Battle of Shiloh Song; Lousville March; Dixieland; Dusky Night Drum cadence; Cheer Boys Cheer; The Bonnie Blue Flag; Tennessee Battle Song; The yellow Roses of Texas/Stonewall Jackson's Way/Dixie; Eastern Cavalry galop; Oh; I'm a Good Old Rebel; General Jonston Manassas March; Pickett's Charge March; New Tatter Jack Quickstep; General Lee's Grand March; Come dearest the Daylight is gone; Grand March from Norma; Dixie/Bonnie Blue Flag.

Prodotto da Military Archives Records


Di solito viene spedito in: 96 h.


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