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Guerre de SÚcession - Southerns

Prezzo: €24,00 (incluso 20 % I.V.A.)

Cd musicale

Sommario: Dixieland March; Gog save the South; Secessionist's March; The Confederacy March; Stonewall Jackson's Way; I'm a good ol' rebel; The Bonnie Blue Flag; Infantry Drum Cadence N.1; Lorena; Goober Peas; Lulu's Gone; 26th North Carolina Quickstep March; The South Shall Rise Again; Bessie; The yellow roses of Texas; 6th Florida Cavalry March; Grand March from Norma; The Bonnie Blue Gal; Infantry Drum Cadence N.2; Colonel Meeker's Quickstep March; Kathleen Mavourneen; General Lee's Appomatox Surrender; The conquered Banner; Dixieland.


Di solito viene spedito in: 96 h.

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